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I need help printing or downloading my resume.
You must use the "Print to PDF" option in your browser. If you're using Google Chrome, when the print window pops up, click the button labeled "Change" under "Destination" on the left hand side. Select Save as PDF.

In order for your resume to look correct after saving or printing, you must also change some settings in the print window before finishing. Find and disable Headers & Footers, and also enable background graphics.
Do I have to make an account or pay to use Ceev?
No. You can use Ceev with or without an account. You can make a resume, customize it, and print or download it all without making an account or paying. I want Ceev to be the easiest way for anyone to make a resume, and a big part of that is ensuring it's free to use.

However, in order to save your resume so you can edit it at a later date, you need an account. Accounts are completely free to make. Once you have an account, there is an option to upgrade your account to access some extra features. I would love to be able to let you use everything for free, but this takes a ton of time to develop and money to run the servers, so the Pro upgrades are a way to ensure I can keep working on it!
Will there be any Ceev branding or watermarks on my resume?
No way. It's your resume. Your potential employer does not need to know how you made such a great resume :). Plus, that's just super tacky.
How do I get the date and page title off my resume?
When the print page pops up after clicking save, click on More Settings on the left sidebar and make sure "Headers and Footers" is not checked.
Can I download my resume as a .doc file?
Unfortunately, no. Not at this time. You can only download it as a PDF right now. I know how useful a .doc file would be, and I will see what I can do in the near future.
Can resumes from Ceev be read by the automated resume-scanning systems?
My guess would be yes, probably. Obviously all are different and I cannot say for sure, though. The PDF resume generated by Ceev preserves the actual text in the file so it is machine-readable - it is not just an image that would get ignored by those systems (like how some other resume generators export the resumes).
I don't have a credit card - how can I upgrade to Pro?
I'm working on adding support for more payment options - but for now, either send me a message using the chat box on this site, or email and I can let you know other ways to pay.

I have accounts on all the major services, including PayPal, Square, Venmo, and Google Pay.
I paid for Ceev+ in the original extension... how do I upgrade my account on the website?
With the new Ceev website, I no longer use license keys, but you can use your old key to upgrade your account. Make sure you are logged in on, then click this link and enter your old key. It will validate your email address and key, and your account will be upgraded. You won't need the key anymore.

If you can't find your key, send an email to with the email address you used to purchase the key, and I can look it up and send it to you.
Something doesn't look right. Can you fix it?
Hopefully! If you find a bug, please let me know. Send me an email at Include as much details as you can when describing the issue, including the device you were using, the OS (ex: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.), your browser (ex: Chrome, Firefox, etc), and a screenshot if you can!

I spent a lot of time testing Ceev on many devices while developing it, but obviously I don't have access to every device to ensure compatibility, so I have to rely on users to let me know about bugs.

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